It’s a seller’s market in many cities across the country. If your home is in one of those cities in the United States whether it’s San Francisco, CA or Denver, CO and is not selling in 10 business days then you’re missing out! There could be quite a few plausible reasons your house isn’t selling. We’ve asked real estate professionals and agents from all over the country what those top reasons might be and they gave us awesome tips and tricks of the trade that they see works and doesn’t work in selling a home.

Here are some reasons you may have trouble in a seller’s market in Dallas:


1. You’re Being Arrogant

“Selling in the Dallas market is not like the television shows”, says John Wilco of Coldwell Banker Dallas, “You have to make sure your house is actually worth what you think it’s worth. If it’s not in a hot neighborhood, it’s not comparable to those neighborhoods.”

2. The House is in Distress Condition

It’s a bummer to say but honestly if you’re house needs carpet and paint, maybe you can get close to asking price. If your house is in perfect showroom condition, you’ll probably get more bang for your buck because people would be willing to pay more to win a dream home. If you’re house needs anything beyond carpet and paint, expect to have buyers come in with offers with inspection contingencies.


3. The House Is Listed Really High

Expecting getting your asking price for selling a house is not a problem. To get more money for your home than you expect is, especially if it’s not pulling in many buyers. That doesn’t mean the sky’s the limit when it comes to your listing price. In a seller’s market, a seller may feel comfortable pushing the asking price a bit higher, and this can be a huge mistake. Think about it this way, would you over pay on a house?

4. Your Realtor Isn’t Good

Sometimes, it could just be that you have a lousy Realtor. Bad Realtors are like a bad date. You meet with them, have dinner at a great place, expectations are high but when it comes to actually following through on if you’re a match, there’s nothing there. They may disappear and suddenly never answer your phone calls. You almost wonder if they were just looking to get a free lunch or if they were serious about the meeting.

Hire an agent you’d love to refer to your friends and family. Just like how’d you’d want to date someone you’d want to show off as well! If there’s no connection and they are not knowledgeable about the Dallas real estate market, fire them before you even hire them!

If you’re looking for a real Realtor to sell your house the right way, contact us at Segal Estates Realty!


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